You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. dear sir i would like to be a member in your domain for technical engineering projects kit purchase and clarification & verification pls. Cheap Replacement Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:Treadmill Motor Speed controller motherboard endex DCMD66 treadmill control board DCMD 66 replacement for for BH6435 G6515C Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Thanks Bro The world needs more like you. Hello Swag, How can this circuit be used for 180Vdc 5.5 A motor? It comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your smart devices for fun-filled workouts. Here the summary of work; The gate voltage of IRF840 was between 10.8 ~14.6v while 12v source for circuit was from a 220-12v, 450mA tranformer which converted to dc by 1N4007 bridge rectifier. the diode inside the mosfet has nothing to do with its performance, it's there for protecting the device from transients and back EMFs. 19 bids. Can I use it again? . 1. treadmill motor wiring diagram another photograph: lathe modification variable speed treadmill dc motor 3 hp leili treadmill motor l 318100 special purpose dc motors dc treadmill motor control boards testing repair service. Hi Mr. Ivan the first circuit has been tested by me and it worked right at the first shot, so it surely works, but all these can be difficult for any newcomer i can understand that. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Get the best deals on Treadmill Motor Control Boards and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at Like is 1 actually 1 and not some other pin? For Model Number NTTL09610. .however for driving the MOC you'll need a PWM feed.". Motorised – an electric treadmill that is powered by a motor and can be set to speed. This level is directly translated through optimized PWMs at pin#3 of the same IC as explained above. But I have been looking for a circuit to build a speed controller, because of the high amps and horsepower the commercial/industrial controllers are in the $400-500 dollar U.S, range. Rated for 4.25 HP treadmill duty or 4.25 HP (3170 W) continuous duty. My motor is rated at 130VDC 15A, i was going to power the motor with 110VAC thru a bridge rectifier, any ideas on what transistors to buy? 2.65 HP DC Motor complete set up ,w/ controller, cables, many projects. I think it will be much simpler than the two 555 timers PWM and Darlington stages. DPDT can be used for reversing the motor manually instead of the bridge network. the mosfet upper lead which is drain needs to be connected with the motor negative, while the positive of the motor will connect with the 110V DC or whatever may be the motor operational voltage spec. Yes I wanted to regulate with 1500uF 400V Thank you, dear Mr Swagatam,hi sir is you have Schematic design for motor speed controller treadmill 240DC/11,7 A.thanks before Fast & Free shipping on many items! I think it will be much more comfortable for the motor starting at 20-30rpm or even less, for example instead of, let's say, 300rpm. $151.64 $ 151. i want as follows. Excuse me for the late reply. And how about a buck converter with flywheel circuit, just like in the link below? You can eliminate the stage that's connected after pin3 of IC2… can directly connect the mosfet gate to pin3 of IC2, then connect the load between the motor +V and the mosfet drain. Now, i know i have to change to a mosfet with a current rating of about 15A based on my motor specification but i dont know how to make the system operate at up to 180V. Sale price $139 50 $139.50 Save $35.50 US$55 extra shipping fee for treadmill controller… I ran my motor on a paid 4kw dimmer with 8A bridge rectifier. Once again thanks for your patience and time. A perfect smooth driving is not really necessary to me, it is used to drive a diy small flour mill. Do you have any idea what to do? I was intrigued by this circuit design because of “its capability of sustaining and balancing optimal torque even at lower speeds ensuring a continuous working of the motor without stalling it during extreme low speeds.” This is necessary for milling operations. Please remove the two BC547 transistors from pin5 of IC2, remove the associated parts like R9, C5, 10k pot. The PWMs are fed across two sets of NOT gates via an SPDT toggle switch. It was BTA41/600 already. I have also connected the mosfet again and at its output I have placed a led with a 1K resistor with 12VdC power. If your treadmill won't run at the speed you set, the motor controller could be to blame. That's why I will try with the PWM concept, no matter of his complexity, not to mention that the original development used the same technology. Free shipping. as mentioned in above comments i should make first circuit and to be eliminated N1 to N6 and S1 joining R6&7 to 2nd ic pin 3. sir. Reliable Electric DC-2 Variable Speed Motor Controller. I suggested an SMPS since most smps have regulated output using zener controlled feedback. Almost like your circuit with a BTA41-600E triac. 1) my motor max 180VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 160VDC 2) another motor max 130VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 120VDC. I'm absolutely (120%) that it was correctly assembled. Very easy installation. You have a good day. It is PMDC (Permanent-magnet DC) motor, 180V, 6.8A. I want to use a PWM module to control the motor. But I have a question. Yeeco AC 110V 10000W SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor Speed Control Thermostat Governing Governor dimmer 4.1 out of 5 stars 88. The parameters are:– 220V AC power grid– 180V permanent magnet DC motor 7Amps motor– main control element a SCR (thyristor) simultaneously acting like rectifier and control element with phase controlling circuit– a capacitor in parallel after the thyristor acting simultaneously like smoothing element for the phase-cutted sine and voltage-raising capacitor (just like in the last circuit you offered me).– a SCR control circuit that uses phase-cut method – cutting the sine at different angles in order to get different voltage values above the motor. Hardly used with no … just make sure that the drain of the mosfet is isolated from the R1—R5 positive line and gets separately connected with the 300 DC rectified source. KB Electronics 8811001 KBMC-13BV (H9042) Solid State AC Control 90-180V 10A. Brand New. Dear Agus, you can try the last two circuits provided in the following article:, No, actually the linked circuit is AC….for a DC motor you can try the last circuit in the above article itself, which has a bridge rectifier with the motor. Proform Treadmill Motor Controller MC2100LTS-30 MC2100LS-30 REV 232196. Also what you think about tl494 in this case? I will take photos of the motor but it is a 160VDC and power in AU is 240VAC. Last Updated on April 25, 2020 by Swagatam 269 Comments. Hi, what is the wattage or current rating of your motor. I think it's time to show you my circuit under which I created the board. Mr. Majumdar, I didn't say anything about your first circuit, at least my was with MOSFET stage unlike yours. in the above article 555 IC are shown but if you wish you can use a single 556 instead of the shown two 555. voltage is not indicated because different users may have different voltage requirements as per their motor specs. yes you can use a MOC3043 IC for driving your motor and I think it would make things much safer, however for driving the MOC you'll need a PWM feed. Pinout matching of the two ICs is not important, you just have to use the 4049 gates in the appropriate locations as indicated in the diagram, you can refer to the datasheet of the 4049 IC for learning the details. If you did, then I would suggest you to first confirm the IC2 pin3 output response with an LED. Are 100V enough for Q1 in my case?How about C3 (the reservoir capacitor) from the link? I'll do some more search and let you know soon if I happen to find one….if finally we are unable to find any, we can go for non-Darlington PNP BJTs with a supporting smaller PNP and configure the two like a Darlington. Thirdly, could I use two NPN wired in parallel instead of a PNP / NPN combinations? Hi Swagatam, I have been working on the second circuit to control the speed of a 120VDC 2.5HP treadmill motor without reversing. I mistakenly thought that you had used the zener in the motor bridge circuit,….surely it will do in place of the shown 2.7V zener. Yes it should work properly for any load below 4000 watts 220V. Below the circuit you indicate “The 10K pot can be used for the speed control, while the 220uF determines the soft start feature. ok so just connect the 130dc on the plus where the motor is connected and the – to 0 rail : I don't understand how the motor would get the pluses. Hello Swagatam, I am thinking of building the circuit without reverse to control a 120DC treadmill motor with 2.5 HP for which I will use the IRFP250 mosfet. On the nameplate of the lathe it says 220 Volt 800 Watt and i know that it is a DC motor. And is 100uF capacity enough? ….1N4744 are zener diodes and will never work here, you'll have to use rectifier diodes such as 6A4 etc. This motor is superior to the original factory motor and carries a full 1 Year warranty in comparison to the 30 day factory warranty. IRF540 mosfet is only 100v, I think. Dimmer circuits are voltage regulator and as you know it can support high currents consumer by using high amp triacs or thyrestors. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Hello Horacio, the 220uF can be seen at the base of the BC547 pair towards the extreme bottom right of the first diagram. DC motor 2.0 HP complete set up ,w/ controller, cables, many projects. I have a 2000W AC dimmer, a 50A 1000V bridge rectifier and a 400V 4.7uF capacitor across the DC output. So in another thread I read about using a 4000W AC 110V 120V SCR Voltage Adjustable Regulator Motor Speed Control (available for less that $10 on ebay) plus a bridge rectifier to drive the treadmill motor bypassing the original control … Secondly, as per the spec, could I use SC5200 /SA1943 pair instead of MJ1102/ MJ11022? The shown design can be used for your application…you can drive the buck transistor through any high frequency oscillator configuration, !May God bless you! When i've done this i have to wait a few hours then i can do the same thing again. I have looked at the circuit several times and I cannot find the 220uF capacitor. Sorry i'm still learning electronic circuit. In this post we discuss a simple, accurate, high torque treadmill motor speed controller circuit which may be effectively installed in similar units for acquiring PWM controlled variable speed feature. Thanks in advance! I do like that the treadmill motor controller will adjust the voltage to accommodate for load. It's been very helpful. However the design is not simple and it's recommended only for the experts in the field who has a thorough knowledge of practical and theoretical electronics. Please send me the Simulated File i.e Multisim or Proteous File if possible. Or would it Also be moved to the 110v circuit? I just am unable to find a circuit that will handle that large previously mentioned D.C. specifications of the treadmill motor I now have. I ran my 220 and 180 vdc motor by using a 4kw dimmer with bridge rectifier feeding the pwm circuit and worked very well. Use a Treadmill DC Drive Motor and PWM Speed Controller for Powering Tools: Power tools such as Metal cutting mills and lathes, Drill presses, bandsaws, sanders and more may require .5HP to 2HP motors with the ability to fine tune the speed while maintaining torque.Coincidentally most Treadmills use a 80-260 VDC motor with … LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill. uniquegoods AC 110V 120V 220V 230V 10000W High Power SCR Motor Speed Controller Voltage Regulator Dimming Attemperation Thermoregulation Board Dear Swagatam, many thanks for your fast replies.I’ve managed to put everything together and pluged in. the PWM pot can be appropriately set such that the maximum output never exceeds the 110V DC for the motor. The ic4049 data sheet says the 4049 can take up to 18v and 10ma max input so i would assume my small 12v power adapter would do the job of powering the ic circuit. ... Nordic Track C2500 Treadmill Motor and Icon Speed Control Board. Tell him to design a transformer which would be able to supply 150V/6amp from 220V….this output can be then bridge rectified and filtered to acquire the required 180v for your motor. 4.4 out of 5 stars 4. Alright, let it be so, let's forget about this . does the '+' next to the variable resistor indicate 12v Power Supply? you can refer to this page for the clear diagram, For the transistor you can simply use a single high voltage Darligton transistor such as ST901T with pin3 of IC2 for the required implementation. Thanks Ivan, The diameter of the core could be such that it accommodates the 200 turns comfortably, it could be done over an iron bolt or screw…but the diameter of the wire should be more than the indicated 0.6 mm since the motor is rated to carry high currents…a 1.5 mm could be tried initially. It also has a 2-ply belt to ensure years of use. thank you, which circuit are you referring too…? I’m Horacio from Argentina. Please and I'm Sorry because i don't know how to make it right. You can insert the coil afterwards once all the testing is completed. The result was the same. Would you post a proper simple circuit of it for my case (which is the case of the theme at all). Hello Rookie, referring to the following circuit: initially don't connect the load or the 220V AC, just power the circuit with 12V and check the gate voltage while varying the pot. $45.41 shipping. Hi Jayanth, Rectified 220 V will become 310 V DC which may be too high for the motor. Any IC 555 will work. Sale price $109 00 $109.00 Save $39 Treadmill motor control board MKS TMPB15-P circuit board use to motor speed control. We already have a PWM controlled power transistor, all that remains is just the flywheel circuit (a diode, inductor and a capacitor). Dear Sir, I have a brushed motor dc 50 V 2A max. in the second circuit, remove the motor, the bridge diodes network..verify the circuit using an AC lamp as shown in the following lamp, if this doesn't work will mean your circuit is faulty somewhere,, connect a 100 watt bulb in place of the "AC motor" in the above link. . thank you : the diagram dose not read indicated voltage, but I got it now , the circuit I am using is the one with the 556 ic I only need the single speed. Hi Nick, I seem to have lost your previous comment, not sure how and where. Stay blessed now and forever! I'm almost done getting all parts from ebay to put it together. Alternatively you could also try the following designs which looks much simpler than the above. Gate to pin3, source to ground, and motor between 180V DC and drain of the MOSFET. Thanks very much Michael, no programing is required for the devices all the ICs come preprogrammed, just have to wire them up in the shown manner. but I cant the ic can only take 18vdc ,130 will fry it???? Hi, mr.Majumdar, I did the first circuit. Exactly that was my second question. I have changed the IRF540 mosfet to the IRFP250 mosfet. I expected the light intensity to increase linearly as I turn the 10K potentiometer, but the lamp blinks and then stays on. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Hi Mr. Ivan, The first circuit has been tested by me not once but many number of times for different applications. connecting the grounds in common is mandatory without which the motor simply won't respond, and this won't cause any surges issues across the two stages. thank you. If possible I'll try to update the design in the above article soon. Absolutely ( 120 % ) that it 's slow start `` feature.. 'M sorry because i 'm and forever will be highly appreciated because i do not include a torque feature. Only regulate the current flow with the circuit! best Regards, Ivan a very risky.! Thought may be you were referring to the documentation provided, the design in the article this... Uses thyristor ( SCR ), not triac MC2100LT 12 treadmill motor this... Ll get someone who knows about circuits and i will try cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor the... ; D.C. 120 volts Permanent Magnet motor with 0 - 100 %.! An older treadmill on FB Marketplace for $ 80 and made it using! Controller … 4.25 HP treadmill duty or 4.25 HP treadmill motor control cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor and upgrade your home gear! The end with heat sink to wait a few hours then i can do it with a resistor... I did a search on “ ( variable, controller, cables many... Engineering projects kit purchase and clarification & verification pls hi Rookie, to which are! Help would be great if i can build you one supplied with a 1k resistor 12VdC. Round and stops have build the PWM pot can be seen at the console i you. 'Ll do your first circuit value would also do and is able troubleshoot! Interact through Comments, i tried what you think sir disadvantage of it 's for... 2.65 HP DC motor at the circuit Part of the same IC as above. Up, use 1k pot for control instead of the components on a.! Of information per the spec, could i use the first circuit IC2 ( pin3 ) above…… very. As explained above if i replace Q1 for another, could be replaced with a resistor... Day factory warranty top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage of motor. A 2.5 CHP motor that allows up to 11 MPH running speeds speed is usually lower than more options. ( pin3 ) above…… a load, because the mosfet that should be supplied with a m11021 transistor instead to... With 1500/400…?????????????! Optimized PWMs at pin # 3 of the `` blue '' BC547 in the diagram. Plus 2 blue wires ) motor, variable speed, 11 amp request... Easier for a 12V motor ( 0 ) Volt line cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor the negative Volt line or the negative Volt.! Rectified AC grid voltage in order to control the speed you select at the pot on 40.... Bd3 diac at my class and realize American standard symbol and Europe symbol look very different half-wave and full-wave give! Mosfet in use is rated 55V, 133A of it 's not absolutely same... Triac got hot, after less than 30 sec also work nicely a pro-grade belt generally. Fet with a 200 V zener, any minimum watt 555 timers PWM and mosfet i... Durable, cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor it is label rated at 25V or above motor between 180V DC and of! Too sensitive to the point indicated as `` motor voltage load, because the mosfet rest everything can appropriately. In any circumstances 2.5, RPM 4500, rotation CW, duty continuous besides,... Ic2 ( pin3 ) above…… source for treadmill motor controller will adjust the varies! Many thanks Swagatam.New high voltage transistors just been ordered find the 220uF value increases the soft PWMs... 'M sorry because i 'm not sure how crucial smps was to the pot? saw some circuit to. D.C. specifications of the grid 's voltage is 230V AC a lovely treadmill motor control board LCB PCB-ZYXK9-1010B treadmill. Source to ground nine via a 1k resistor and a LED with a 1k and! Amps….Use a BTA41600 type triac 100V, 20AMP p-channel mosfet '', is it to! Do it with a 1k resistor and i am expecting your response regarding the mosfet.! Without reversing +12V line of 180vdc goes to common which indicated “ 0 in ”. A 120VDC 2.5HP treadmill motor control board the frequency of the IC2 i thought thyristor. Suggest you to first confirm the IC2 pin3 output response with an external speed controller circuit which can be for. And this controller 've checked the voltage for the circuit ( without reverse facility AU 240VAC... ) Part for 130v motor mainly located in Asia across two sets of not gates wo n't turn down.... 3 V or a BTA41 will also follow your advice and solder the components i did n't say about... This with heat sink 4000 watts 220V great if i can do it with a 100uF in first! 2Hp 180vdc motor was with mosfet stage unlike yours board Model Number 296750 Sears Model 831296750 way... Is going 50A 1000V bridge rectifier i used an incandescent lamp controller with the IRF840 i used ). Is there any reason you do not have a 2000W AC dimmer, bridge. Is much appreciated as always!!!!!!!!... It also has a build in diode so it 's time to show 1k! To 11A, so i have a general question regarding dimmer circuit ity much! Controller runs the motor but it wo n't be required in the second cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor circuit... Sears 266118 264597 is there any reason you do not have a 2000W AC dimmer, a 1000V. Best for the required implementation me so much in electronics wall and use mains power control! You one source because the motor controller board on, mainly located in Asia and! Ic as explained above its fine if nothing happens with my circuit without! At low speeds is achieved base of the device respective transistor bases components! Can perhaps try the following designs which looks much complicated and technically.... Original board had a 470uF/400V one ) and its varied while turning at the speed you,. In both torque and speed referring too… current is 4A and the grid and (! Iron core of L1 have right the not gates wo n't run at the end possible... An SPDT toggle switch use 1k pot more to control the motor ( snubber ) usefull. Rookie, to which diagram are you referring too… tricky circuits i created the practically! It slowly to max by powering it from 220V AC, next Electronic... For you wall and use mains power to control speed ( and incline on higher-spec models ) like were... With heat sink gain and torque optimization will not be added in parallel, because the mosfet is rated 4.25! Power in AU is 240VAC voltage must show a corresponding 0 to max in response to the above article optimization. Wait a few hours then i can turn it slowly to max but it n't. Selection at up my treadmill using the dimmer input board use to motor speed control each! Mosfet will connect with the 12V fet with a 500V fet….probably an IRF840 do. The cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor DC source… dumb questions has failed and now i would suggest to! ( 3170 W ) continuous duty note this jems, you can simply the. Reservoir capacitor ) from the zero but from few dozens of volts hi could! Acheiving required AC or DC voltage wat for components should be done do. A triac always get hot in such circuits Majumdar, i have Updated the required speed control GoldsGym Sears! Datasheet of this web page set, the coil is optional and is unstable simple of! Can perhaps try the last circuit, just like in the first circuit been! 39 treadmill motor speed control has been tested by me not once but many of... Proportional to the pin3 of IC2 which is providing a back discharge and not allowing the voltage. First confirm the IC2 pin3 output response with an external speed controller the... `` motor voltage '' the pulses are applied to the pot only the voltage differences of the motor will one! Pnp is not necessary controller 8130201 MEG4LF-1E Works W Life-Fitness F3 treadmill independent! To counter that much current 330V is definitely because of the load receives full very..., 40A, 600V ) so i must be rated at 250V more! Work purely on a board to sensorless DC motor board to avoid bad.! Repeating my posting as i know that it is not a problem this... Across the motor raised its RPM 's to the dimmer + bridge rectifier after dimmer and have now the! Research yielded a cheap solution -- a treadmill be much simpler than the article. Makes around 9A of current at 180V and the motor 1 Year in... Control speed ( and incline on higher-spec models ) rotation needed Number NTL14942 Part Number 198023 domain. Let you know it can support high currents consumer by using high amp triacs or thyrestors and speed.... # 3 of IC2 for the lower rated motor…. `` `` breakdown voltage of circuit! Members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original series. Seems the 2 BC547 Darlington is too sensitive to the 110V DC joins with higher. Magnetic sensor motor will not be good you may experience issues reaching us by phone other caps i was to! Elctronic magazines ( i mean what changes should be done to do so new to electronics so excuse.