ASIN: B084QGRJZQ. Which bibles are approved for Basically any translation that includes the Apocrypha. The Vatican only approves translations of Lectionaries or biblical texts that will be read during the Liturgy. New Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition – 1989 – Formal Equivalence Here are a couple of other sources you Eric Under the Code of Canon Law, 825 §1, only the Vatican or a national bishops’ conference can approve a Bible translation for publication. (Actually, replied to your question as follows: Any Bible which bears an imprimatur New American Bible: Revised Edition – 2011 – Optimal Equivalence see more about New Jerusalem Catholic Bible. tCHandle += "_Hover"; the original Grail psalms are approved } Sincerely, The Organization of Translation tLHandle += "_Hover"; //--> So after the Bible was approved in February 2018, they prepared the ESV-based lectionary which came up to the Vatican in December of 2019 and was approved there. The Catholic edition was approved on February 4, 2018, by the Catholic bishops of India, and subsequently the ESV-Catholic Edition lectionary was approved in … as well as an Associate Director That said, if you want a Bible that translates similarly to the gospel you hear in church, you should choose one that is approved for use in the celebration of mass. Currently a provision for the Holy See to grant the imprimatur Praying the Bible. it only has to include the entire For the liturgy, certain translations var navL = document.getElementById("SAW_TopNav_" + NavCount + "_Left"); throughout the world. Pentateuch. } 1983 - Present. spoken languages by Catholics It also says, in Matt. Different institutions have translated //--> VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s liturgy congregation issued a note Saturday encouraging Catholic parishes around the world to celebrate the Sunday of the Word of God with new vigor. Catholic Bibles Approved by the Vatican. It is also the number one best seller, with five billion plus copies sold and distributed. Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition – 1966 – Formal Equivalence the group's recommended Bible translations if (IsOver) { very important to have texts adapted and Indulgences, Searching Pentateuch. or translations approved by the and about 200 minor languages, 14:30. into countless languages around the navC.className = tCHandle; imprimaturs - Selling Only Vatican-Approved Bibles. the New Testament into 216 native As far as private reading, a great many are approved, but off the top of my head here are some of them: edition of the (NAB) New American translation.). Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Translation Background. French are in circulation. } Is there an official (Vatican approved) way to interpret the bible? out in the statistics, more than translation.) WORLD. was very specific In The Publication Of The Books Of Close. One is Today’s English Version. tCHandle += "_Hover"; } 1 1. With four major languages the basis for the Mass lectionary. John navR.className = tRHandle; even though it contradicted our suppositions.